Welcome to Wildcat Software!

Some of our previous work

Theatre Application

The purpose of this project was to create and publish a mobile application for the ACU Department of Theatre. This app allows users to see information about shows, cast and schedule as well as purchase tickets, see FAQs and receive push notifications.

Gift Clarity

Gift Clarity was our first client. Wildcat Software was hired by Gift Clarity to develop an internal application for their clients to track past and present donors. The software allows clients to foster stronger client/donor relationships, increasing communication and granting a deeper level of personal interaction.

Big Country Master Gardeners

The Big Country Master Gardener’s Association is a group of Abilene, Texas residents who love to learn and teach others about all things gardening.

We are part of COBA's SITC.

Combining Business with Technology

Wildcat Software is the College of Business Administration's (COBA's) student-run software company. Student developers employed by Wildcat Software are given the opportunity to work for real clients on a variety of software projects, including mobile application and website development. We also provide management majors the opportunity to directly work with clients as well as manage technical personnel.